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Belgrade Fall Festival September 28, 2024



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About Us

Established in 1986, Thrive's mission is to provide every child with opportunities to grow, succeed, and become a valuable community member through mentoring, education, and support programs for children and families. Our focus is on delivering early preventative programs and fostering collaborative efforts within communities to support families and children, ultimately aiming to enhance the likelihood of a successful future while ideally avoiding the need for more costly and extensive intervention services during adolescence. Over the decades, we have developed a continuum of services addressing the entire spectrum of the parent-child relationship. These include The Parent Place family resource center (now including our Spanish-Speaking Parent Educator), the Child Advancement Project (CAP) school-based mentoring program, The Parent Liaison program (including our Spanish-Speaking Parent Liaison), and The Partnership Project—a full-spectrum, home-visiting program for young families. Thrive endeavors to be a resource for any parent or child with any need, working towards ensuring every child's success in school, at home, and in life. Aligned with our mission, we adapt our actions within our boundaries to serve the growing and changing community. Current key initiatives include supporting school infrastructure for incoming diverse community members, addressing literacy statistics, and promoting student engagement and well-being. Programming is offered throughout Gallatin County.

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